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I have had several dealings now with ActionCoach's Hugh Bowman from Geelong, Australia. Hugh is an extremely dedicated and experienced business coach who can really add enormous value to sales focused businesses. I would [ Read More ... ]
Owning a business can feel pretty lonely and overwhelming at times. knowing that I have a dedicated coach that cares for the success of my business nearly as much as I do gives me reassurance and confidence. Yes you will be made to do some of [ Read More ... ]
ActionCoach is now an essential part of my business. Working with Andy Goldberg in Glasgow has been an eye opener and helped me 'fix' many areas of my business. The work on what I do and more importantly don't do is invaluable. Something as simple as putting [ Read More ... ]
It only took 10 minutes with Sanjiv to work out why my sales strategy was failing. He allowed me to see the wood for the trees and shortly after our session, I landed a major new client. He is insightful, inspiring and easy to get along with. It's so easy to feel lost when you are running a [ Read More ... ]
Who couldn't get behind the idea that with a vibrant entrepreneurial environment comes more work, more jobs, more money, better living, better opportunities..for real people?! Imagine a world... or even just your local village... where the ActionCOACH mission of ´abundance through business re education´ was as valued by all... what would that mean [ Read More ... ]
Lee Gray is fantastic! I recently met with her regarding coaching for a NFP in which I am on the board. She is a fantastic listener, asked very relevant thought-provoking questions and helped us to think about our growth in a way [ Read More ... ]
Charity lies at the heart of every person and this [ Read More ... ]
As a new business owner I have tended to go it on my own for four years. I wish instead that I had gone with Action Coach four years ago. I would have had much lest angst to deal with and the nagging feeling that I wasn't quite 'there'. Thanks to Elsa at Action Coach I now understand my financials and have taken the [ Read More ... ]
I have learnt more in the past 6 months than [ Read More ... ]
I have been with Alan 3 months and throughtout this short period, he has already helped me increase my business to the next level. The advice that he has given is valuable, most importantly, he has brought me into a millionaire mind set. Also, I have been surrounded by positive business people which has encouraged me to venture in the [ Read More ... ]
As a sporty person I totally understand how coaching works [ Read More ... ]
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