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Order half a ton of Japanese black stones. They were black whether wet or dry (unlike many of their competitors!) and I rang on the Friday and paid £20 extra to ensure they arrived on the Monday. I was told there would [ Read More ... ]
My earlier review was an error (writing 2 reviews at the same time!) This product is exactly as seen on the website. However I did have to chase delivery 3 times and on each occasion was promised a return call. Alas, none came, [ Read More ... ]
Have repeated the order several time, so [ Read More ... ]
Cabin was delivered on time and put where we needed [ Read More ... ]
Thank you so much for your service and the lovely Gazebo we purchased. We are having lovely evenings chilling out with friends and family. Especially enjoyed on our grandson christening, lots of fun and laughs for the elderly to sit in, for a glass or two of wine. Every one has commented on how much they [ Read More ... ]
I bought the duramax plastic shed, and was very happy with the quality of the shed as well as the service from ordering to delivery. would recommend [ Read More ... ]
Delivery was excellent and timely. The drivers were extremely helpful and considerate. The shed went together easily. A little disappointed with the floor a little flimsy and windows although [ Read More ... ]
Very poor customer service. After accepting my order and debiting my account the company demanded that I agree to a list of terms and conditions they sent via email before they would send the goods. When I declined to do so they obfuscated and argued before finally agreeing [ Read More ... ]
Will definitely recommend to [ Read More ... ]
I bought this chicken house and could not be more pleased. It houses my girlies just right. It is easy to clean with it's metal tray. Can't wait to left the flap in the afternoon to see what my girles have left for me. I can put them away safe and sound of a night time away from Mr Fox. The service I received [ Read More ... ]
I bought a shed at the cheapest price I could find on the internet.. I phoned to query how long delivery would take, the lady was extremely helpful and even phoned me back twice to confirm expected delivery dates. The shed arrived when expected and the delivery guy was lovely. I [ Read More ... ]
I ordered a gypsy caravan hen house and was promptly [ Read More ... ]
Delivered on time, ready to use, good product, only time will tell [ Read More ... ]
Anglian Garden and Building Itd are an excellent company to [ Read More ... ]
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