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Bec helped me throughout the process. Always available if I needed help and made the process [ Read More ... ]
Excellent service! Definately recommend Amicable as they were very helpful in [ Read More ... ]
I can' highly recommend enough. Divorce is never easy but I was given one person to relate with and Bec was amazing and made everything so much easier. Even when there were complications with paper work she smoothed the way and I know that I could have called or emailed with the slightest problem ( and I did!) [ Read More ... ]
An excellent service with a very helpful and supportive team. No [ Read More ... ]
Getting divorced is distressing - the last thing we wanted was a bruising, protracted, expensive and adversarial fight. With amicable, we couldn't have been in better hands. Our divorce coach was patient and supportive, no matter how many [ Read More ... ]
Sue and the team were fantastic all the way through the process. It is the first time there has been a service that I hope I never need again, for my own sake, [ Read More ... ]
A quick and easy service with someone on hand to [ Read More ... ]
Amicable provided a very professional service throughout my divorce, simplifying the process with tact, [ Read More ... ]
From the outset, the team were open, honest and sensitive with both myself and my ex-partner. It eased tensions between us and expedited the process as they were extremely communicative and we knew what the expected of us (and vice versa) at every stage. It made what could have been a very stressful and expensive process much simpler and at a fraction of the cost of [ Read More ... ]
Our divorce coach was excellent and the whole matter was handled with tact, friendliness, and professionalism. The entire process was well explained and there was support on hand to guide us both through every step of the [ Read More ... ]
Fantastic service to guide us through our divorce without needing to use solicitors. Professionally run, they definitely know what [ Read More ... ]
Amicable have been so amazing at such a difficult time [ Read More ... ]
Amicable are professional, supportive and work with you both parties collaboratively to support an agreement that works for both parties. They are helpful and responsive which leads to an agreement that supports effective co-parenting. Divorce is a stressful [ Read More ... ]
My ex husband recommended Amicable. All enquiries were dealt with sensitively and the divorce proceedings handled promptly with full confidence, [ Read More ... ]
Brilliant service - they really do live up to their name and promise. Special thanks to [ Read More ... ]
A great service. No hidden cost. Any help required only takes a phone call. I would recommend [ Read More ... ]
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