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If you want to work in Canada there isn't another company you should even consider. A really reputable company who will take you through each stage and give you as much [ Read More ... ]
I wholeheartedly recommend AmeriCamp Canada to anyone who is interested in working abroad and travelling round this beautiful part of North America. The organisation is friendly, honest and everyone goes above and beyond in order to help people achieve their [ Read More ... ]
Amazing staff! who care!, they are wanting to give you the best experience you can hope for and that's exactly [ Read More ... ]
I did AmeriCamp last summer and now I am waiting to be placed with AmeriCamp Canada. Seriously looking forward to another awesome [ Read More ... ]
AmeriCamp Canada helped me gain a recognised lifeguard certification and work at a camp in one of the most beautiful countries in the world! I wish I was able to go back to camp every summer!! The support from everyone in the office [ Read More ... ]
The staff are so great, and being staff at a summer [ Read More ... ]
Absolutely great company who really care about their 'customers'! Amazing staff who are friendly and [ Read More ... ]
Such a great summer and such helpful and friendly staff, even saving me after my dog ate my visa a week before the flight! Plus with the cheapest prices and the [ Read More ... ]
The best thing that will ever happen! AmeriCamp Canada creates memories and friendships that last forever. It is an incredible experience that is unique to everyone. You can't forget the staff either. They make the experience special for you by customising everything they say to fit you. They have the best [ Read More ... ]
AmeriCamp Canada is the best and only choice to go with if you're looking to have the summer of a lifetime abroad! All the staff are incredibly friendly, full of knowledge and are very keen and committed on helping you [ Read More ... ]
The company have the most incredible staff who help you through every stage of the application process! You will have the [ Read More ... ]
AMAZING SUMMER EXPERIENCE! AmeriCamp Canada is honestly such an incredible, life changing experience- with the chance to make new friends and make an impact you definitely won't regret it! I [ Read More ... ]
I was in Toronto, Canada this summer (2018) thanks to AmeriCamp Canada ❤️. Definitely a summer a won't forget in a hurry and made friends for life. The application was smooth and easy. The staff are all friendly and knowledgeable and have been [ Read More ... ]
If you're looking to have the summer of a life time, AmeriCamp Canada is the way to go! The staff [ Read More ... ]
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