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I found Amelans solicitors very good. They understood my case and was helpful throughout. All staff i spoke to were all friendly. If it wasnt for them I [ Read More ... ]
Easiest £400 i have ever made. To be picky: Richard was very easy to talk to however I wish he was immediately available on the phone when instead he had to call me back after an hour or so. My instinct is that we should have settled a higher amount with the landlord than [ Read More ... ]
Had a great experience with PigLord. They were very helpful and kept me up to date throughout the process. They very quickly got my money back from my landlord [ Read More ... ]
Amelans did exactly as promised. I found myself in a situation with a dodgy estate agent who had not in fact protected my deposit. I had a [ Read More ... ]
Raised a TDS case. The case was later closed due to not being financially viable beyond the pre-action stage. Had [ Read More ... ]
Called them from Norwich after I was in a car accident (passenger in a car struck from behind) they called me back to make an appointment to make a statement with one of their representatives in Manchester....that should have been my first clue! A paralegal contacted me to [ Read More ... ]
Quick responses every time and managed to help me recover what I was owed by my landlady efficiently [ Read More ... ]
I left my request on the website and was shortly contacted for a brief but thorough interview feeling comfortable to proceed with the firm at the end. There was consistent communication via phone calls, emails and letters updating me on the [ Read More ... ]
Amelans (through Piglord) are amazing. They realised the landlord, who had with-held my deposit when I left the property, had not protected my deposit through the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme and I was successful in receiving my deposit and compensation. I [ Read More ... ]
Right from the start,Amelans showed a steely determination to take on and resolve a claim for compensation we brought against a particularly awkward and slippery customer,who ultimately was forced to [ Read More ... ]
Embarrassing - wish I had represented myself! The judge hadn't got [ Read More ... ]
Running after your landlord for your deposit for months is [ Read More ... ]
Patient, always helpful, polite and professional. Would recommend [ Read More ... ]
Found their ad on Facebook moments after I realised my [ Read More ... ]
Richard, the person who took my case was very professional. He explained all the process and implications [ Read More ... ]
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