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After being treated by Alpha Health for issues with my neck and shoulder, I can not recommend them enough! After my first treatment I saw a vast improvement and felt so much better within myself. A few treatments on and I have full movement again. They are extremely [ Read More ... ]
I am extremely pleased with my treatment at Alpha Health. Very professional and all treatment was explained clearly. I feel very [ Read More ... ]
I would recommend Alpha Health to anyone who has any sort of structural issues within themselves. Ross was able to help me with some very interesting foot issues and I'm now walking pain free. These [ Read More ... ]
I would highly recommend Alpha Health, having just made my [ Read More ... ]
I have found the service provided by William Barker to be first rate. I did not make it easy by not knowing how I had injured my knee, but am [ Read More ... ]
Will and Ross are excellent and I would [ Read More ... ]
When I first heard this clinic had opened in Welling, [ Read More ... ]
I found the treatment and understanding of the underlying causes of my shoulder issue to be exceptional. The advice and in-depth knowledge is excellent, having a clearly thought out [ Read More ... ]
I have had a couple of sessions with Will working on some issues with joints with the aim of improving general movement and function for sports performance. The sessions have been very good in terms of treatment received and knowledge gained during these sessions alongside useful rehab ideas for [ Read More ... ]
Visited following an injury to my knee. The GP was very unhelpful, so decided to look at other options. Mr Barker was very helpful and had a great deal of knowledge and insight. Helped me work out what the root of my [ Read More ... ]
Service is excellent, could not recommend the buisness enough. Had trouble with mobility due to pain in lower back. One [ Read More ... ]
I went to Alpha Health as I had acute low back pain. Saw Ross Thompson who put me at ease straightaway. He explained the cause of my problem as he treated me. I was given exercises to [ Read More ... ]
i have had a bad neck prior to the Xmas [ Read More ... ]
I went to Alpha Health due to back pain. Very professional but friendly service which helped me to relax. Ross explained the treatment - what to expect, why he was doing certain moves and gave me exercises to continue [ Read More ... ]
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