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Excellent quality healthy food for when you can't be bothered to cook from scratch. All the meals taste fantastic [ Read More ... ]
I absolutely love this company. The food is wonderful. Delivery great. [ Read More ... ]
Amazing taste, healthy, varied and super easy. 10/10. [ Read More ... ]
I really like the convenience of the meals and knowing they are healthy and balanced. It has helped us to reduce our meat intake and [ Read More ... ]
Non vegan review! Easy ordering system and the food is delicious. There’s no junk in the food, it’s an easy, healthy way to limit your time in the kitchen during the week when life is hectic. Couldn’t recommend enough. We are vegetarian but love the allplants vegan recipes, they are still creamy and, thanks to the jackfruit, “meaty”. I would actually [ Read More ... ]
Exceeds expectations! Everything is tasty, lovely choice, easy to manage my account, deliveries on time and good [ Read More ... ]
AllPlants really delivers! The six-meals-for-two-in-a-box really works well for my [ Read More ... ]
A very easy way to be vegan. Great food, well packaged and delivered straight to my door. With options to change dishes, pause or skip deliveries, All Plants is very well thought out and implemented. The cost also makes sense, when compared with the [ Read More ... ]
Solid, healthy food 6 times a week. Really nice meals that are tasty but healthy too, and so many fresh ingredients that it would take me hours to buy them all and make myself. And vegan too so happy me, happy planet and happy animals. Even if I wasn't vegan I'd still eat this [ Read More ... ]
The food is delicious! Good portion sizes and easy to prepare. I’m not vegan (yet!), but the dishes really demonstrate how plant based meals like cashew mac [ Read More ... ]
Great customer service and yummy food that is actually healthy [ Read More ... ]
Service is the best Quality of food, there is nothing out there that comes close! Wouldn’t use any other company to get my meals [ Read More ... ]
Awful .. tasted like cardboard and gave me IBS! Also extremely expensive.. corroborating [ Read More ... ]
Delicious meals, I am not vegan nor even vegetarian but am totally hooked on allplants and have not tasted a bad or even mediocre meal so far. I love the idea of eating more plant-based meals and these are all so tasty and nutritious. Makes it [ Read More ... ]
This is such a great company. The food is unbelievable and so easy. It also is saving the planet, I mean what could be more deserving than that? Thank you [ Read More ... ]
Delicious food made from high quality ingredients. Love being able to return the packaging [ Read More ... ]
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Eating more plants is the best way for people planet to thrive so we make it easy exciting delicious for everyone delivering 5 meals nationwide.