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Great service and a life changing treatment. Well cared for and made to feel [ Read More ... ]
I was recommended to Mr. Barsam by Jack Mitchell my optometrist at Aves in Ware. I had my consultation in Bushey and a week later I had the laser surgery in London. It was over on 10 minutes, completely pain free and I now [ Read More ... ]
Its almost 2 weeks after my second cornea transplant and already vision looks pretty normal, which given my vision was about the same as looking into a steamed up bathroom mirror, is anything but normal for me! I now have "2 HD eyes" and can see every shot I hit on the golf [ Read More ... ]
My 86 year old mother had 2 enormous cataracts resulting in zero vision in the right eye and poor foggy vision in the left. The process with Mr Barsam was simple, caring and took account of my mother’s frailties. In addition he found a damaged blood vessel the optician wouldn’t have seen that contributed to loss of sight in the right eye. Post procedure my mother [ Read More ... ]
Earlier this year I had Bilateral micro surgery and intraocular lens insertion as I had developed bilateral cateracts. I was really fearful of having the procedure, I need not have worried as Mr Barsam and his team were amazing and reassured me all the way. The follow up has been thorough and my vision is amazing. The result of the operation gave me [ Read More ... ]
Allon Barsam came highly recommended to me by a good friend and I am so happy for the recommendation! My boyfriend had his done with Allon and I watched the surgery - absolutely amazing stuff. So inspired by this I went ahead. With -8 and -7.5 eyes it has been truly amazing. Allon is a leader in [ Read More ... ]
Alon and his team are amazing. Very professional and Alon really cares about every patient individually. His bedside manner is exceptional and the whole experience from [ Read More ... ]
After much research i choose to have my laser surgery [ Read More ... ]
Amazing! I had incredibly bad myopia, -9, and used to rely on glasses and contact lenses all the time. All that has now changed, and I have better than 2020 vision. Dr. Basam is approachable, professional and calming - exactly what you need from a surgeon. His team are soothing, very qualified, and clear with their instructions. The actual surgery was [ Read More ... ]
I was recommended by my brother to Mr Barsam and [ Read More ... ]
Life-Changing. After being a contact lense wearer for 25 years, various dry-eye-related problems meant I could no longer wear them. I’d been thinking about laser eye surgery for years but this diagnosis made me take the plunge as I didn’t want to be a permanent glasses-wearer again. Mr Barsam carefully and patiently put me on a tailor-made treatment plan to get my eyes in [ Read More ... ]
Initially, I was unsure of the Laser Eye Surgery process [ Read More ... ]
6 months ago, I had cataract surgery on both eyes. [ Read More ... ]
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