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Very little communication 2 emails from them in six months took far to long , I did majority of the leg work . I wouldnt recommend using this company [ Read More ... ]
Efficient and effective. My only reservation is the number of letters and possible confusion where multiple claims are involved. [ Read More ... ]
An unexpected windfall is always a welcome bonus & Allay were instrumental in helping me attain exactly that. After initiating a claim I found Allay were very helpful with guidance & advice throughout the process. Although I was made aware that I had the choice to pursue the claim [ Read More ... ]
Really good at getting your claim but .... they hassle you for payment from the minute the Company says they will pay! No waiting for cheques to arrive which takes weeks when a big company is involved, no waiting while the cheque clears which still takes 7 days! And then they send you a default notice ... [ Read More ... ]
very straight forward,no fuss,organised would definately recommend to friends.was quite [ Read More ... ]
Great work and correspondance throughout. Though I have recieved a few duplicate letters and emails regarding [ Read More ... ]
I don't have any problems with the way [ Read More ... ]
Excellent service, I wouldn’t have done this myself. Yes you pay about 33% of the total [ Read More ... ]
Once the initial claims were in progress I got texts and emails to keep me informed. I however got multiple texts for each claim which got rather annoying. I also paid my fee online and when the automated service was repeating my inputs it was missing off the first numbers or characters [ Read More ... ]
Efficient service but ever so slightly too pushy for my comfort. Over the top level of communication which is inclined to be a turn OFF. For [ Read More ... ]
My claim was dealt with very quick realy, they kept me informed every step of the way, by e mail, by text and by a phone call, very [ Read More ... ]
Allay kept me updated with progress on my claim at every point. I was impressed with the service. Yes, it [ Read More ... ]
Friendly, efficient, keep you informed. Quick answering queries [ Read More ... ]
great, you got me money I did not know I could get and you [ Read More ... ]
I've had a few successful PPI Claim refunds, expedited by Allay. I cannot fault the service of the company and the way they keep in touch about progress of claims. However, I've also had successful claims through MoneyBack PPI who [ Read More ... ]
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