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I have a very bad experience with Alitravel and I [ Read More ... ]
we have booked a flight form Alitravel and my husband tried for half a day get any information but a chinese person who could not speak English gave no information and was extremely rude. We have got wrong flight reservation codes from Alitravel and now it is impossible to proceed and get any information we despreately need [ Read More ... ]
We booked business class with Alitravel after a Momondo [ Read More ... ]
I was re-directed from to Alitravel to get the [ Read More ... ]
The worst customer experience I had to endure in my [ Read More ... ]
I correctly received my Ryanair boarding passes by email, but I needed to receive them on my app, as I could not print them out (it was sunday in the place I was: all shops closed). However, I did not have the email used by alitravel for check-in, [ Read More ... ]
I booked and paid by Alitravel a flight from Madrid to London for May 3th 2017 via Norwegian. When three hours ago I arrived to Madrid Barajas airport my surprise is that my airline booking reference is not in Norwegian's system. It is for May 8th 2017 Did I erroneously click the date? No. I [ Read More ... ]
BEWARE! Do not book with Alitravel! This is no serious [ Read More ... ]
Took a bit more than normal to process the payment. Not gonna lie, after reading the scam warnings, I was a bit worried. Still, I got my Ryanair tickets on my app, and confirmation e-mail. Would rate [ Read More ... ]
I've successfully booked tickets and 've received my booking confirmation/documents. It was a bit slow though. I've payed additional fee (£ 5) for the boarding passes that are promissd to be e-mailed to me [ Read More ... ]
The whole history with booking. Haven't given information on my booking so I couldn't check information on the reservation. Haven't sent a itinerary ticket. Have taken twice more [ Read More ... ]
It is just an authorized criminal and deserves to go bankrupt. Due to a late flight, I lost the next flight to Catania. They left me in Fiumicino airport (Rome) a [ Read More ... ]
When searching Alitravel for business class flights, it shows very low prices. After clicking through, on the next screen it offers to "upgrade" to business for thousands of dollars, [ Read More ... ]
I bought one ticket there and after clicking the authorization [ Read More ... ]
We purchased first class tickets and were lucky to be let on the flight with economy class. Tried calling Alitravel, but their 'systems are always down' and they don't follow up by email either. We were told (by AliTravel) at the airport that they couldn't make any changes at the time as that may [ Read More ... ]
They charge 'booking fee' £50 AND 'admin fee' £20, total £70 on top of the flight tickets [ Read More ... ]
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