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The most majestic and soulful Umrah journey of my life with the hospitality of Alharam travels. We are thankful for everything as we got [ Read More ... ]
I would recommend anyone travelling to choose a different airline, preferably where the food is halal, and also who cater for change of [ Read More ... ]
Their staff was very responsive to my requests about my travel. I am [ Read More ... ]
Thanks sister Sobia for guiding me through the options available inshallah looking forward [ Read More ... ]
Alharam travel is exceptional in providing five star services. From the time i booked and till the end of my journey. I [ Read More ... ]
We had a great time through Alharam travels, Usba Noor was an extremely helpful person who assisted us throughout our entire journey and made our stay very comfortable over there. She would always check in on us to make sure everything was going well and to see if there were any problems. [ Read More ... ]
Amazing service: Usba Noor Thank you Usba Noor your great customer service, I could not tell how wonderful service I received from Noor been Twice with the same company Mashallah had no problem.. Al haram [ Read More ... ]
Thanks to Alharam travel and all staff specially mr Jamal phoned me to confirmed about hotel and transport number and all help and guide which will need for future before [ Read More ... ]
Spoke to Zubair in booking my Umrah package who was [ Read More ... ]
It was only possible to perform Umrah with Alharam Travel because of their [ Read More ... ]
Our first hotel in Makkah was a few minutes’ walk from the Haram and 2nd one in Madinah [ Read More ... ]
My package was perfect to suit my family with 5* hotels and the package as a whole was [ Read More ... ]
Shamroz rang me after an enquiry and I must say he was really pleasant to talk to and was very patient listening to my requirements ensuring a great service. He always rang back as promised and found me some great offers which where better than expected and also met my out of the normal requests. Unfortunately I wasn't able to [ Read More ... ]
Alhamdulillah I am very impressed with al haram travel agency and especially sobia Yaseen the way she managed to book my umrah package all the paper work was in order and on time. Once again Sobia [ Read More ... ]
Wonderful, Absolutely outstanding Journey, I could not have asked for a better Umrah experience I'm sure, literally very satisfied with the services Alharam travels had [ Read More ... ]
I thought there service was really good, when I told Usba that I can’t pay all the money at once she agreed [ Read More ... ]
I wish to travel again with Alharam because everything was highly convenient.I am very [ Read More ... ]
Thank you very much for everything especially Sister [ Read More ... ]
It was the worst trip I have ever had in [ Read More ... ]
Thank you very much for everything especially Sister Nadia i would recommend as [ Read More ... ]
Great service and very accommodating. I got a quick response to my queries and they managed to get me everything I wanted from type of hotel to [ Read More ... ]
We booked our Umrah package with Alharam travel and [ Read More ... ]
Agant: Usba Noor Salaam just wanted to say how wonderful Usba Noor looked after as for the fifth time in my umrah parkage MaaShaAllah... Usba Noor is the one of the best agant please book from Usba Noor she’s dosent let anyone [ Read More ... ]
They took a lot of care of the logistics, transportation, living. We regard their efforts [ Read More ... ]
I booked my umrah package with al haram. I travelled on October 2019. Al Haram bested all the [ Read More ... ]
I was very happy with the service Al haram gave me specially Usba Noor, she sorted out all the documents how I wanted it also she thought of the best for the customers too. She organised [ Read More ... ]
I contacted Alharam travels last week to know about Umrah Package. Their customer service is excellent. Staffs (specially Nimra shahajadi) are polite and helpful. Nimra is dealing with my booking and she describes me each steps very nicely. I got a good package too. [ Read More ... ]
The most helpful staff member agent, i have ever had the pleasure of speaking to. Quick and easy with the cheapest [ Read More ... ]
our Umrah Ramadan trip 2019. We booked during a time when Alharam offered 1-day free hotel stay in Turkey and [ Read More ... ]
yes I would recommend as their services are [ Read More ... ]
When I called first time AL HARAM travel I wasn’t really confident to go for Umra [ Read More ... ]
I just came from umrah with alharam travels.They were very helpful especially Usbah Noor who made all the arrangements.She was very helpful and made sure there were no issues while we were there.Excellent hotels and i would recommend alharam travels to anyone .after my good experience i recommend [ Read More ... ]
Great Service and Ali was very help ful.All were very good and thank you [ Read More ... ]
Alhamdulilah we performed our umrah using Al haram travels. Nadia helped us find the best hotel package. We performed our umrah without any hassles. Everything was done meticulously by Nadia, the only hiccup being the Rohaniyat transfer in Saudi which we were uncomfortable with. [ Read More ... ]
I came across Alharam travel when I first made my [ Read More ... ]
Alharam travel made my Umrah memorable! Outstanding service. Very courteous people with the best of arrangements. [ Read More ... ]
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