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another great class recomend to any one who [ Read More ... ]
Very pleasant and jovial individual. Very little substance and very expensive considering what you get for your money. Flaff mostly. Thank you for your response Judy. Your records are incorrect. I did attend 2 classes. I found there was a lot of time for greetings and welcoming each and every student at length. Very nice and social but I'd rather time was dedicated [ Read More ... ]
Alberto is an experienced trader who knows what he's talking about. You can see that his objective isn't about the money you pay for the class but to help improve your trading skills and subsequently to turn your life around. I heard stuff that I never read or seen from [ Read More ... ]
I highly recommend Alberto Pau's Masterclass; not only do you [ Read More ... ]
Over the years I have undertaken several courses in an attempt to improve my financial status, but none have been even in the same league as Alberto’s FXIA Masterclass. Alberto is very diligent in his personal attention to every one of his students, which, combined with his incredible knowledge of trading and his natural flair as a mentor/leader, makes his [ Read More ... ]
Best ever. The content is very relevant to the current Market. You can tell that Alberto Pau is a professional trader sharing his knowledge to [ Read More ... ]
Alberto offers a clear and concise pathway to becoming a successful trader! Even for those who haven't ever embarked on trading before, like me, he has a great way of delivering the 'new language' in a way we can learn [ Read More ... ]
I highly recommend this company and also Alberto. He is very knowledgeable and easy to [ Read More ... ]
Very clear, honest training by Alberto, he always makes sure all of us have understood all the key points. Also patient to explain things clearly. [ Read More ... ]
Only part way through the Masterclass but I have found Alberto's enthusiasm is contagious. The classes are filled with his incredible knowledge and he shares this in an easy to follow way. He genuinely cares that his students understand his teachings.There also seems to [ Read More ... ]
High integrity, and genuinely cares to help with forex trading... Extremely knowledgeable, offering [ Read More ... ]
Very good mentoring, very helpful to its students and very [ Read More ... ]
Aberto is a great mentor, with lots of patience and ability to make his classes fun and easy to understand. Best decision I made [ Read More ... ]
I've spent so much money in other Forex courses, and after my first lesson with Alberto (second lesson of the series), I've got several new tips nobody had [ Read More ... ]
Alberto is a top notch mentor. Just listen to one of his webinars and you will quickly realize you are dealing with someone who really knows what they are talking about, not someone who has just learned a strategy and is repeating it. Alberto understands trading far beyond what [ Read More ... ]
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