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As a brand builder / product designer, I've been in need of a solid Trademark partner for years. AKeyMark did not disappoint. I was skeptical about an online service, but i'm glad a gave them a shot. Everyone I talked to treated my ideas [ Read More ... ]
This was such an exciting experience for my wife and I! We not only were embarking upon a new business venture, but we were able to find an organization that was professional and easy to work with. And most importantly, they did what they said they would do. Josh and the paralegal that assisted him [ Read More ... ]
When it comes to legal services at the price range charged by AKeyMark, you can only hope you will get what you are paying for. Either that or they will try to upsell you. I am happy I choose AkeyMark from the handful of other providers at the same price level - they delivered [ Read More ... ]
Having filed for a trademark on my own in the past, I appreciate even more what a great service this is. My experience with AKeyMark has been seamless and super quick. For a fraction of the cost I've seen anywhere else, in less than a week these guys had filed [ Read More ... ]
I went into this knowing absolutely nothing about trademarking things, and I have to say this experience made it so easy for me. The website is easy to navigate and makes the process super simple. And then when you do the phone call meeting to [ Read More ... ]
Submitting a trademark seamed intimidating but the AKeyMark team made the whole process very easy, right from the start, to our trademark being submitted. I especially like being updated through the process and what would be the next step. The whole process went very smooth from filling out the questioner [ Read More ... ]
I recently worked with AKeyMark to secure a trademark for my next startup. The process was incredibly easy, and the support call I received from their legal staff was exceptional. They walked me through a few details I had [ Read More ... ]
I DIY'd my first trademark and thought I was super [ Read More ... ]
We were looking to trademark our company and came across the folks at AKeyMark. Our company, Vetted PetCare, had generic words in its name. They took us through our options for getting a trademark on our name [ Read More ... ]
I knew nothing about registering a trademark but Akeymark made the process extremely easy. Typically stuff like this is intimidating, especially when you are busy already handling a million things for your business but the team at Akeymark answered all [ Read More ... ]
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