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Yonel Suarez
This is the third time that we receive an urgent shipment from INDIAN MAIL BOX, we had a very urgent medical need and Anmol process our order with diferent medical providers and made the shipment with the less time and very quickly! another important feature from them they accept Paypal is more easy and fast to process the payment, we have made many purchases from India and no body accept Paypal, Thanks Again you will have a loyal customer
I used Indian Mailbox to deliver some items from India to LA and I couldn't recommend them more highly! The customer service was very prompt, and they responded to my queries right away. They were even nice enough to repackage my items as to save on postage, something I didn't even request! I was kept up to date on shipping confirmations and I received my package within a week. I would definitely use them again in the future.
Bruno Lima
Excellent company, I'm from Brazil and I used the services to buy a helmet and other items from the Royal Enfield India Store. The service was fast and keeps in touch with the customer during all the steps of the assisted purchase. They are to be commended for excellence in service and customer service. Way of payment Via Paypal in a clear and direct way. I will certainly use the service more often. Thank you!
Jeampier Gálvez
Excellent company, reliable and helpful. They advised me well when buying a limited item available in India. And they ended up paying the item for me, which is great, because I could not afford it due to the restrictions of the store. The customer service and communication is also very good. In addition, you can pay for your services using PayPal, which makes it an even more reliable company. Thank you!
Ethan Blake
Awesome experience!i was looking forward to purchase a " one plus three" mobile handset from Amazon india but it could not shipped overseas to me here in Russia from Amazon.The company placed the order on my behalf and got the phone delivered to me in just 4 business days. recommended for every online shopper who wish to shop online from india.
Hi! My name is Alex and I'm from Austria! I have made an order from with the help of Agrima Postal Solutions DB! Perfect, easy Perfect I have to say! Super fast delivery if you considered that comes from India !!! Very friendly and competent e-mail communication !!! Always my pleasure!!!
As the title sums it up really well this really is Excellent personalised customer service. I have been using this service for a while now and i Can't fault it at anything so far. Really helpful, understanding and supportive people. Keep up the amazing customer service! Cheers.... :)
Narmada Seewooruttun
Indianmailbox team doing great job...very satisfied with the quality of service offered,very helpful,replies within minutes,very liable. Would recommend it to everyone. Cheers to indianmailbox?. You guys doing great...keep it up.
I collect clothing and the guys here at indianmailbox helped me out with incredibly personalized service i sent them the links of what i wanted and they ordered it and shipped it to my home address 5 star service
The Indian Mailbox team is professional and provides excellent customer service. I am in Australia and Indian Mailbox is the company I use when I need to buy products from India.
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