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I’m hoping a member of the team would be able [ Read More ... ]
Having paid in full £7300 for my replacement lens exchange [ Read More ... ]
I had my partner going for laser surgery. The staff was extremely professional and very confident. The surgeon we met was Mr Pillai very jolly man. He made us understand the whole process and the whole process looked so smooth. My partner is now extremely happy and many thanks to Advanced Vision Care team [ Read More ... ]
Had laser eye surgery with this crowd they are really great to deal with. They explained everything very well [ Read More ... ]
I couldn't speak more highly of the team at Advanced Vision Care. At every step of the journey the team were friendly, comforting and answered all my questions. Admittedly I was scared to have surgery given after all I only have one set of eyes but I shouldn't of worried because I could not of been in better hands. The LASIK procedure was [ Read More ... ]
I went for the implantable contact lenses procedure, I didn't need to have any laser surgery done. This procedure was fast and pain free and now I don't [ Read More ... ]
Devastated to hear that AVC will no longer continue to [ Read More ... ]
Since I need to wear eyeglasses due to being a farsighted person, I find another way on how to deal with my eye condition. This is the [ Read More ... ]
I was completely amazed by the standard of service offered to me. Apart from the great clinical care, I was also offered great aftercare service which was the value added for me. On various occasions, pre and post surgery, I had questions that were concisely answered. Apart from the 20/20 vision that I now have, I am [ Read More ... ]
First of all the rating is clearly pointless, so I [ Read More ... ]
I went to Advanced Vision Care and nearly went blind after they operated on me. Happy to take my 6k but abandoned me. Awful experience. They [ Read More ... ]
I was happy with my surgery for lens replacement and [ Read More ... ]
I had laser surgery done last year on 27/06/19 [ Read More ... ]
I hope he's not ill after all your rude comments. [ Read More ... ]
I had surgery with Mr Pillai here in February and was very happy with the results.The support staff are all very friendly, polite and helpful and I [ Read More ... ]
Delighted.No more glasses after wearing them for many years.Mr Pillai my surgeon and the support staff were excellent.I would recommend you [ Read More ... ]
Had a laser eye surgery treatment done recently with Advanced Vision Care, [ Read More ... ]
I went to Advanced Vision Care and suffered a detatched retina. Awful experience, totally awful. Avoid at all costs. [ Read More ... ]
Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you [ Read More ... ]
I had my IPL eye surgery nearly 2 years ago [ Read More ... ]
I was very sad to hear the news that AVC [ Read More ... ]
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Advanced Vision Care specialise in laser eye treatments and aftercare services.

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