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I have just done my 2nd session. I decided to do the pay as you go option. Summer is coming and I can never wear strappy tops from post acne scars. I thought now is the time to treat myself:) I am getting married this year so I wanted to just get [ Read More ... ]
Thank you Dr Rattan, I am really glad I took the chance and did the treatment. I actually was very skeptical and had deep dermal pigmentation so required 3 sessions. I didn't see much result until my 3rd session but I kept the faith! I [ Read More ... ]
Outstanding results seen after my 3 sessions. I really didn't know what to expect for my underarm hyperpigmentation. I saw a 70% reduction on my 3rd session. I love that the melanin count is done as well with a device so it can be accurately measured. I saw all my results after my [ Read More ... ]
It was a very expensive series of treatment which I [ Read More ... ]
I rated the clinic 5 stars and couldn't recommend the treatment high enough. I have tried everything on the market and nothing was touching the melasma! 3 sessions with the HPC clinic [ Read More ... ]
I had been worrying about my pigmentation on my cheeks for a few years. Every summer it pops up like mould under my skin! Every summer I thought I need to get this treated. Finally it got bad enough that I called and booked myself in for a consultation at The Hyperpigmentation Clinic. I knew it was for ethnic skin so decided to go ahead with [ Read More ... ]
I've received so many compliments from my friends about my clear skin! Acne was the worst part of my life- every single spot marked my face. I'm so glad I came across The Hyperpigmentation Clinic on Google. I read the reviews [ Read More ... ]
I have done 3 sessions and saw all my results after the 3rd session. I had deep dermal pigmentation so I required the full 3 session package. Dr Rattan did explain that this was likely to be the case in the inital consultation. I have seen 70% reduction after [ Read More ... ]
Very happy with my skin now. I suffered with acne for years which left me with a lot of scars. I had been looking at the Hyperpigmentation Clinic for a year thinking about whether I should go for treatment. Now that I am preparing for my wedding I thought it was best [ Read More ... ]
I had my treatment with the Hyperpigmentation clinic in July [ Read More ... ]
I had really bad acne scars and pigmentation. Dr Rattan was very clear that she could only treat the pigmentation and not the ice pick scars. I decided this was my main problem so went for 3 sessions. My skin looks very [ Read More ... ]
Really enjoyed my experience with Adelaide in the Birmingham Clinic. Her consultation was very thorough and my family have had treatment at The Hyperpigmentation clinic in [ Read More ... ]
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