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Highly recommend! I have felt nothing but reassurance since my 1st call until now. I have been kept up to date almost [ Read More ... ]
Very informative. Quick responding. I haven't finished working with them yet but [ Read More ... ]
This company somehow got hold of our number after an accident, and has been harassing us several times a day for months. It doesn't matter what you do or say, this company will not remove you from lists. They employ the rudest and most inconsiderate staff. After about a month of calling back to request that [ Read More ... ]
I rate Gordon slater 5 0ut 5 excellent . very helpful made everything easy for me when ive been stressed . I WOULD recommend Gordon [ Read More ... ]
My name is mahaned ABDI. let me say the pest choice I have ever make was today. I was claimed in the morning in the afternoon I was confirmed tomorrow morning [ Read More ... ]
Extremely helpful advisors. No false promises with everything explained fully. What had been a traumatic incident was made a little easier by the way it was handled [ Read More ... ]
This the first time I have used the service and I was very impressed. My husband and I contacted Accident Advice Helpline after I was injured in a road traffic accident. They were very [ Read More ... ]
Exsplain everythink in detail , very polite and [ Read More ... ]
Very fast service I can recommend [ Read More ... ]
I'm halfway through a claim and have no complaints so far. Accident advice helpline have helped me with every query [ Read More ... ]
Excellent friendly and efficient service. You are made to feel reassured and everything [ Read More ... ]
I am actually a supplier to this company, true [ Read More ... ]
Absolutly nothing to fault , a complete 5 star service from the start [ Read More ... ]
What a great service they put you at ease and although their was a lot of detail involved you were never under pressure to hurry. They spent time explaining what they would do. Nothing was too much trouble, [ Read More ... ]
Wow,what can I say.... extremely efficient & knowledgeable, things Are moving really fast the people I’ve spoken Have been overly helpful Thank you for your ongoing support through This [ Read More ... ]
Mukesh was very helpful and dealt with this claim efficiently and very quickly I felt very supported during the call and since everything has been running smoothly with [ Read More ... ]
My consultant was friendly and knowledgeable. She talked me through the process clearly which is really needed for someone dealing with [ Read More ... ]
Very caring and understanding in my situation [ Read More ... ]
Brilliant service explained everything really well - [ Read More ... ]
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Injured in an accident? Call Accident Advice Helpline and speak to one of our friendly, legally trained Advisors. We can help get you the most compensation with the least fuss. Accident Advice Helpl...

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