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Great initial rate, increased to an extortionate amount without reminding me it was going to go up (I know my responsibility but it would be nice to get a heads up). They then created fictional, astronomical late charges after lying about contacting me about payments. They do not care about repeat business, once they have you they are aware it can be [ Read More ... ]
Roof leaks badly when it rains, and they do not contact customers when it is very obvious that their lockups have water damage. I had issues with ruined items. Insurance useless. I Spoke to the manager to complain about lack of contact when the ceiling [ Read More ... ]
Everyone, without fail, always bends over backwards to accommodate your needs. I have been using the Acton Vale storage, off and on for over 4 yrs now, the guys are all brilliant. They also lend an [ Read More ... ]
I was very impressed with the level of service at the Bedminster storage facility, they went the extra mile to make sure I got a suitable room and provided me with several different options to choose from. I took advantage of the half price for four months special [ Read More ... ]
We are Txm Movers and we work closely with yell and many storage units around Manchester but we moved one of our customers out of here. We were so surprised at the cleanliness of the facility's and the [ Read More ... ]
Joe and Errol at Access Self Storage Wandsworth were a great help. They gave me a great quote for additional storage space, helped to make sure it was close to my existing units, and best of all stayed open a little bit later [ Read More ... ]
Do not use this company. My furniture was in one [ Read More ... ]
With Acton 4 years off and on but using different storage over 15 yrs. Best experience and guys shown massive professionalism and empathy when things were tough for me or I’ve had an issue. I think Acton should be used as a template example the template for all storage units, [ Read More ... ]
A storage solution with superlative service staffed by top rate, highly efficient, knowledgeable members of staff. Excellent rates, good communication. They take my stuff and put it in a box better than anyone else could take my stuff and put [ Read More ... ]
These guys are the best they are the only place in the local area to have 24hour access [ Read More ... ]
I used to highly rate this store and the staff, [ Read More ... ]
Our customer was very busy and could not remember the size of unit, he wanted us to move him to Bristol ASP, the staff where not helpful, and i would [ Read More ... ]
Access Self Storage, Hayes was extremely helpful when we had [ Read More ... ]
I used Access to store my goods when moving house recently and my experience was first class. From the initial enquiry to actually moving my goods in was simple and straightforward and [ Read More ... ]
We are Txm Movers and we work closely with yell and many storage units around Manchester but when we moved one of our customers out of here we were so surprised at the cleanliness of the facility's and the friendliness of the staff. How efficient and helpful the staff were. One [ Read More ... ]
The facilities are amazing and the staff I talked to [ Read More ... ]
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Check out the great range of offers at Access Self Storage. Offers include 50% off 8 weeks’ storage. Reserve online, or call 01442 330784. Access Self Storage is one of the UK's leading storage oper...

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