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I ordered razors back in March. It felt like the razors were scraping my face when I shaved. I didn’t realize until recently that there were no comfort strips at the bottom of my razors and the plastic part of the [ Read More ... ]
Why buy from the store? I have a 5 blade, for close days, and 3 blade for a "relaxed" shave. All blades are great. The handles, however, after much use, are starting to falter. The button to release blades is tired, and the grip to pull a new blade from the case has weakened. The shaving cream is a GREAT product. Try it once [ Read More ... ]
When I made my first order I didn't think I would reorder, but here I am still loveing your product(S) from my husband to my daughter to my sons and me. Its [ Read More ... ]
My purchase arrived quickly and the blades give a quick, smooth, effortless shave. Only one small complaint and that is the razors don't release easily from their [ Read More ... ]
I have used many cartridge razors over my many years [ Read More ... ]
I was sick of paying the high prices of the traditional retail players and switched to a single bladed safety razor. I shaved this way for years before finding 800razors. I love that the product is made in America and [ Read More ... ]
The quality of the blades is excellent. I use the five blade system, it gives me a very good shave. The handle is very comfortable and has a good heavy quality [ Read More ... ]
These razor blades are awesome. Superior quality and the price is fantastic. Better than the namebrand blades that I have used for years. And the fact that they are made in the USA, makes this the best deal available. I highly recommend [ Read More ... ]
Starting using 800razors about 3 years ago, found good close shatve and blades that lasted as long as the home equity loan blades, I also use the shaving mug soap, and brush and nonbreakable mirror. I left the mirror in a hotel bathroom this summer and on Monday morning when getting read to shower and shave (shave in shower) was not able to find mirror, [ Read More ... ]
I don't know how they do it, but I found I don't nick myself anymore with these razors. The handle has a balanced feel and the razor glides over my face. I shave my head as well, so having a sharp and lasting razor is [ Read More ... ]’s overall Trust Score
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