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not sure its the best 5 a side in the world:) but its the best ive played in. Im liking the player stats and scoreboard with the time on it. [ Read More ... ]
Great league and staff. Was very kind of them to accommodate my team for a friendly at the last minute! I would recommend to anyone looking for a [ Read More ... ]
First time getting together a team and entering a league. Great experience overall. The pitches and facilities are really good, and Sam is very accommodating to each team, especially in terms of helping out with players when you are short. Everyone is friendly and the skill level is mixed, which for us (being more towards the bottom end of the table) made for a few tough [ Read More ... ]
Good competitive league with friendly opposition and helpful league staff. Stats and scoreboard during games helps to improve the experience. Best league I've played in since [ Read More ... ]
Great league, well organised, decent facilities, good refs, good website with player stats and topped off with an awards ceremony at the end of the season. The whole [ Read More ... ]
Having shopped around in a multiple leagues in London, this is the first league I’ve stuck and stayed with. Good standard of football but more importantly, more of a sense of community where players whether opponents or teammates are familiar which other, and go for a drink afterwards. Good 4g [ Read More ... ]
Good organisation and league managers. Like the [ Read More ... ]
This is probably the most organised 5 a side league you can find. Good teams to play against, no aggro, on the ball league manager, good ref, great website for results, fixtures and tables and great attention to player stats which adds an extra bit of fun to it. The scoreboard next to the pitch is also [ Read More ... ]
As a member of the Marleybone Thursday 5's league for 2 seasons I can say it is the most organised league I've played in in the last 3 years. I've never have had a match called off, the teams are all well behaved and the stats [ Read More ... ]
This league is great. Really well organised, good level of footballers but fun at the same time. The scoreboard and league table updates are a really good touch. We played in the Marylebone league and there is a really good pub round the corner [ Read More ... ] - Ultimate 5 a side football leagues’s overall Trust Score
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