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I paid them over £5k in 2017 for a combo [ Read More ... ]
Enquired about a course last year and at the time I wasn't quite ready to enrol on a course. I came back 10 months later and am now in a better position to start my career in IT. I enrolled on the Cyber Security course and have had my consultation and have [ Read More ... ]
it was interesting to be part of this class, I have learned too many things which improved my knowledge in this domain. the teacher Mr Dai is a very nice man, he did his best and skills to help [ Read More ... ]
Exceptional Tutoring. That Guy Dai is just not of this world. Very few of his kind do exist on planet earth. I was so blank in IT and Computers, expecially coming from a background in Construction. I just can't believe how far I've come, thanks to [ Read More ... ]
I started my training on Cyber Security with 360GSP. So far great experience. Teachers are very knowledgeable. great support for practice and exam. I am more excited for the career workshop they run to help people to get in to IT industry. I think it is a great initiative by 360GSP. Most importantly 360GSP is [ Read More ... ]
I just finished my second module of the programme(Comptia Network+) [ Read More ... ]
I am so glad that such a lecturer are available. I am so happy with every lecture and it’s the best I had so far. I had acquired so many degrees but never had such platform before. Keep it [ Read More ... ]
360GSP is a smart choice. The recruitment process was smooth, professional and clean. Location was great and the interviewes were friendly and supportive. I would like to thank Kavleen for her great effort of connecting us with the companies in the digital marketing industry and [ Read More ... ]
Hi, my name is Swati, I am happy to share that I successfully cracked my first internship interview with Benjamin Stevens conducted by 360 GSP, where I am perusing Digital Marketing Professional course. I know it’s [ Read More ... ]
Excellent place to gain key I.T cerfications, and step into the I.T industry. Job guarantee also helps with exceptional assistance in gaining employment and work experience. Building facilities is very pleasant and state of the art. The lecturers are very [ Read More ... ]
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360 GSP provides an effective, innovative "Learning Solutions" through custom design, delivery of training and support to our Corporate and individual students. 360GSP College is proud to be among t...

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