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I have not met a more dedicated and professional tutor. Mrs Raza and her team are the epitome of the perfect tutoring centre - building confidence in children, visible progression, always available to discuss your concerns and more importantly, making the whole [ Read More ... ]
I reviewed this club whilst my daughter was a student there. At that point, I had nothing but praise for Mrs Raza and her team. My daughter's work ethic completely changed and she progressed in leaps and bounds. Mrs Raza and Mrs Stone always made themselves accessible and provided honest feedback throughout. Under the tutelage of this club, my daughter succeeded [ Read More ... ]
Mrs Raza and her team of dedicated teachers all share the same get the best out of all students no matter their capabilities...they celebrate success and make a child feel confident in themselves. I cannot thank them enough for the time and effort and genuine care they put into my son and daughter. [ Read More ... ]
My daughter attended tuition for her 11+ a few years back. We made the best choice of sending her there as the tutors were fantastic especially Mrs Raza who works very hard with her students [ Read More ... ]
Could see a great improvement from start to finish in my daughters ability. She always looked forward to her lessons. Would receive a daily report of what had been covered and progress made. My daughter was well prepared [ Read More ... ]
I would truly recommend Mrs Raza to anyone. My son was in her lesson and I can tell you 3 years on he is completely loving learning and has such a great work ethic. A lot of this is down to the grounding that Mrs Raza and her team put into him. [ Read More ... ]
Fantastic tutors!! My son sailed through 5 private school exams and got into all! The teaching is structured , [ Read More ... ]
I have sent all 3 of my children here and [ Read More ... ]
We’ve had an amazing experience with the 11plussuccessclub. I can’t thank them enough for the support they have given to my boys. Mrs Raza is an amazing teacher who is very patient and thorough with the children. Eliza has been an amazing teacher too and has definitely helped the boys with their English. The boys love going to both Mrs Raza and [ Read More ... ]
I have this club and Mrs Raza to thank for [ Read More ... ]
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The 11 Plus Success Club has served parents and children local to Croydon for nearly 10 years and continues to achieve excellent results year on year./nWe specialise in 11 Plus coaching; we will maxi...

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